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GMU Hunting

Our GMU Hunting Maps are the finest available and include spectacular 3D hillshade topography, topographic lines, public land ownership boundaries, roads, creeks, streams, rivers, and key terrain features along with deer and elk migration patterns. The selected GMU hunt unit (Game Management Unit) boundary is layered with both BLM and Forest Service shading. Use these maps to navigate to and within the GMU unit.

Drop pins to mark your secret spots, create GPS navigation routes, add photos to each of your marked locations for reference and mark your kill spots to return to when successful and packing out your meat.


Moab, Utah, is the mountain bike capital of the world.

Want to figure out where to start your journey? Terrain is similar out here.
Our digital map will locate your proximity to that bike trail, event, arch or canyon. You can even drop pins and add notes and pics.


Wedged in a canyon? Nearly drowned in a chasm?

Drop a pin, take a pic and jot down “That was hella-fun!” Our app will allow you to do so without out the need cell reception.

You can even share your pins on Facebook so your friends can follow your adventure. However, cell or WiFi reception is required to post.