App Features


Out on the trails, there are many ways you can use the PDF Maps app to enhance your experience.  One hiker noted that he found these maps “to be a fun addition to my hiking arsenal, and one that adds no extra weight, for once!”  Many have told us how they referred to the maps to get them back on course after missing a turn.






Here are just a few simple ways to use this app:

  • Plan your route with the ‘Measure’ tool.
  • ‘Compass’ tool to orient the map in the right direction.
  • Track your trip using the new ‘Record GPS Tracks’ tool.
  • View satellite imagery of your location by using the ‘Open in Maps’ tool (internet connection required).
  • Use the map with GPS to guide you to the parking area.
  • Enter the coordinates of any feature as a Placemark and see the location on the map.
  • View the coordinates of your current position, which can be helpful in search-and-rescue efforts.
  • Find Places’ tool to locate nearby points of interest right on the map (internet connection required).
  • Add Placemarks’ tool to record locations of features along your route.
  • Add photos to a Placemark so that you might later recall where a particular photo was taken.


Video Tutorial