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Yellowstone GPS Hiking Trails Map is now Here! -

Our GPS accurate Yellowstone National Park Fishing Map is a must have for anyone venturing into the park to fish.

Fish the vast 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness backcountry of Yellowstone National Park with confidence knowing that you will never get lost no matter where you hike.

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Avenza App helps rescuers locate missing hikers -

Two women lost in the Bookcliffs on Tuesday night were ill-equipped for the cold and had nearly burned out their store of firewood when rescuers arrived.

...The women were on the main trail. "They just got caught in the dark, they didn't have flashlights or anything," Sieckert said.

...Searchers used the Avenza map application, which worked on their smartphones even when they had no cell signal, he said.

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Hixon Forest - Summer Trail Signs -
These large (60" x 60") metal signs are posted on kiosks throughout the Hixon Forest in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The Winter map has cross-country ski trails and the Summer map has hiking trails. Each trail has been precisely scouted and GPS points have  been placed to ensure accuracy.
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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Makes Best Face Covering, Says Biodefense Lab -

Recently, the center has put aside its specialist equipment to test different materials for their suitability as face coverings for protection against COVID-19.

“The best readily available material to use in a homemade face covering is four-ply microfiber cloth which can be found in the cleaning section of most big box stores,” the Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Chemical Biological Center concluded in a statement, after it had tested more than 50 different materials.

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