Yellowstone GPS Hiking Trails Map is now Here! -

Yellowstone GPS Accurate Paper Maps with Free Mobile Maps - Never Get Lost!

Our GPS accurate Yellowstone National Park Fishing Map is a must have for anyone venturing into the park to fish.

Fish the vast 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness backcountry of Yellowstone National Park with confidence knowing that you will never get lost no matter where you hike.

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Our GPS accurate Yellowstone National Park Maps are a must have for anyone planning to hike or fish in the park.

You get 2 maps for the price of one! 36x24" paper map with a free mobile smartphone map.  $9.95

Buy Now GPS accurate Yellowstone National Park Hiking Trails Map

Buy Now GPS accurate Yellowstone National Park Fishing Map

Hike and fish the vast 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness backcountry of Yellowstone National Park with confidence knowing that you will never get lost no matter where you hike or fish.

Mobile maps work without cell service or internet.   NEVER GET LOST!

Fishing Map Includes:

  • Every fishable water in the Park (All rivers, creeks and lakes)
  • Fish Species found in every water water
  • Waters designated with vehicle access
  • Waters designated with hiking access only
  • Park fishing regulations
Hiking Map Includes:
  • Every hiking trail rated by difficulty (Green, Blue, Black) Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
  • All points of interest, roads, campgrounds
Both Maps Include:
  • Every backcountry campsite
  • Hiking & park information
  • Safety tips
  • Bear Safety tips

Avenza Map App

The free GPS Accurate Mobile Maps work in the Avenza Map App

  • No cell service or internet connection, no problem!   Our maps use your devices built in GPS.  When in the maps extent, a Blue GPS Dot will appear marking your location.
  • Drop pins on your favorite spots and attach photos taken with your phone for easy reference.
  • Add information to your pins for future reference.
  • You can also mark your car location or campsite to find your way back easily at the end of your hike. 
  • Record GPS tracks.
  • Calculate distance traveled.
  • You can also use the built in compass and orient yourself with the paper map if you are in to that.

Mobile Map Tips: Use your cell phone in airplane mode. Turn off all uneccesary apps. Carry a spare battery or cell phone charger, preferably solar.