Yellowstone GPS Hiking Trails Map is now Here!

Our GPS accurate Yellowstone National Park Trails Map is a must have for anyone venturing into the park.

Yellowstone National Park GPS Hiking Trails MapHike the vast 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness backcountry of Yellowstone National Park with confidence knowing that you will never get lost no matter where you hike.




 Map includes:

  • Every hiking trail over 1 mile in length
  • Trail designations, (Green-Easy, Blue-Intermediate, Black Advanced)
  • All roads
  • Points of Interest
  • Every backcountry campsite
  • Hiking & park information
  • Safety tips
  • Bear Safety tips

Your getting two maps in one!

  • 36x24" paper map
  • Free mobile smartphone map.

The GPS Accurate Mobile Map works in the Avenza Map App:

  • No cell service or internet connection, no problem!   Our maps use your devices built in GPS.  When in the maps extent, a Blue GPS Dot will appear marking your location.
  • Drop pins on your favorite spots and attach photos taken with your phone for easy reference.
  • Add information to your pins for future reference.
  • You can also mark your car location or campsite to find your way back easily at the end of your hike. 
  • Record GPS tracks.
  • Calculate distance traveled.
  • You can also use the built in compass and orient yourself with the paper map if you are in to that.

Mobile Map Tips: Use your cell phone in airplane mode. Turn off all uneccesary apps. Carry a spare battery or cell phone charger, preferably solar.