Bitterroot River (Montana) Handy Map Microfiber Bandana and Cleaning Cloth


Bitterroot River (Montana) Handy Map Microfiber Bandana, Lens Cloth, Cleaning Cloth and Cooling Towel

Remember and commemorate your trip to the Bitterroot River in Montana.  This is a fantastic, one of kind Souvenir and Gift that will be loved and cherished! Backside includes the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers.

Upload a high resolution image of a fish you caught, panoramic photo or action shot and we will create a customized & personalized backside for your Bitterroot River Microfiber Bandana & Cloth.  

The Handy Map is a multifaceted microfiber cloth unlike any other you will ever use.  Cleans anything wet or dry. Will never leave a scratch.  22 x 22" Ultra soft.  Feels like silk. Superb Bandana, Scarf, and Headband.

Take your Handy Microfiber Cloth with you to work. Keep one in your car. Use your cloth at home. Tie your Handy Map around a belt loop, stuff it in your pocket.  Fly Fisherman, use this cloth to keep your Dry Flies dry and floating.

Clean your cell phone, tablet, sunglasses, eyeglasses, binocular lenses or camera lense while out on the water, ski slopes or trails.  Clean your car windows, dashboard or seats when driving around in your vehicle. Clean your computer screens at home or at the office. 

Wear your Handy Map as a bandana, neckerchief or headband to protect yourself from the elements.  RATED SPF 50. Worn wet, the Handy Map is an incredible cooling towel for use when out hiking, biking or running in the hot sun.