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What's a Handy Map?

It's simply the finest microfiber multi-functional cloth you will ever own. A Handy Map is also the softest and most comfortable bandana, scarf and cooling towel you will ever wear.

Made from X Fiber, the world's best microfiber cloth. An amazing 22 inches square.

Handy Map Features:

  • Superb, one of kind microfiber cleaning cloth, lens cloth, bandana, and cooling towel all in one.
  • You will carry your Handy Map everywhere you go. It's a must have for cleaning glass and delicate surfaces, cell phones, computer screens, Ipads, tablets and more.
  • Wear your Handy Map dry as scarf, headwrap and bandana.
  • Wear your Handy Map wet to keep you cool in hot weather or when exercising.
  • Your Handy Map is durable, ultra soft, perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces yet tough enough to take on the most challenging mess.
  • Use your Handy Map dry to clean sunglasses, eyeglasses, cell phones, computer screens, tablets, glass of any kind, rifle scopes, binocular lenses, camera lenses and more.
  • Use your Handy Map wet to clean counter tops, appliances, glass and more. Use one Handy Map wet and one Handy Map dry to clean glass better than anything you have ever seen.
  • Tired of having dried bugs on the front of your vehicle? No problem for two Handy Maps.  Use a pail of warm water, drop in a little dish soap, soak one Handy Map, then scrub and watch those nasty bugs melt away. Use the dry Handy Map to finish.
  • Guaranteed for life with proper care.
  • SPF 30
  • Pets love Handy Maps too!