Blue Ridge Parkway Microfiber Cloth Bandana Map


The Handy Map is just that, one Handy Map. But it is so much more. Made from X Fiber, the World's best microfiber cloth. An amazing 22 inches square. The Handy Map is a superb, one of kind microfiber cleaning cloth, lens cloth, bandana, and cooling towel all in one. You will carry this everywhere you go. It's a must have for cleaning glass and delicate surfaces, cell phones, computer screens, Ipads, tablets and more. It's simply the finest microfiber multi-functional cloth you will ever own. A Handy Map is also the softest and most comfortable bandana, scarf and cooling towel you will ever wear. Machine Washable.  Hang Dry.  Guaranteed for life with proper care.

The Parkway runs 469 miles from northern Virginia down south to Cherokee, North Carolina.  This map covers the southern half which stretches 253 miles from the Virgina/NC border to the end point in Cherokee, NC. The southern half is commonly regarded as the more popular section due to the stretch along the famous Linn Cove Viaduct and its proximity to Grandfather Mountain, Looking Glass Falls and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Around 25 tunnels and countless overlooks and amazing vistas the whole way. No big trucks are allowed on the Parkway and the speed limit is 45. This allows you to take in all the amazing sights that creation has to offer. Of course, there are exits all along the way to take in the art, culture, and crafts of the Appalachian and Smokey Mountains.