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"Totally found them handy!"

- Josh from DC


"It made a perfect Father's Day gift!  We spend a fun time reading all the details: it's incredible the amount of information these aviation maps hold. 
Absolutely fascinating..."

- Marie from FL


"These phone versions are an awesome product! I love 'em.  I have a few of your paper maps already, and use them quite often when I am driving around the state."

- Eric from CO
" After ordering one and downloading it in my iPad, I was hooked. I especially like the gps coordinates that appear with the map..."
- Steve from KS

"Our first trip was to Tennessee as a couple. This will be a wonderful surprise for my husband"

- Leighann from IL

Lidia Pareno added a photo of their purchase
"They're super soft and the custom printing was great. Can't wait for guests to enjoy them at our wedding."
- Lidia from CA

"My husband runs these trails almost daily. He loves this map! It's so soft and functional, he can just pocket it for his trail runs. For sure the most used present I've ever gotten for him!"

- Amy from WI



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