Alabama State Flag | X Guard Neck Gaiter | Face Cover | Face Mask | Balaclava


Our Alabama State Flag X Guard Neck Gaiter is a versatile accessory that can be used as a neck gaiter, face covering, face mask, headband, headwrap, bandana, balaclava, wristband, and neck warmer.  Wear 12 different ways.  Watch the video below.

Made from Lightweight Spandex, your X Guard Neck Gaiter is breathable, ultra soft, super comfortable and is the finest face covering you will ever wear.  The X Guard Face Cover is extra long at 21 inches allowing you to pull up some addtional fabric over your mouth and nose to make a double layer of protection if desired. 

95% polyester, 5% Elastane.  21 inches long

Breathable.  Washable and reusable.  One size fits all.  SPF 50