Clark Fork River - Bitterroot River - Blackfoot River - Rock Creek


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Download the best and only digital GPS accurate fishing maps of the world famous Clark Fork River, Bitterroot River, Black Foot River, and Rock Creek. All public fishing access points and areas, Boat Launches, River Mileages, Float Mileages, Campgrounds, Public Land and more. 

Covers 91 river miles of the Clark River, 85 miles of South Fork Clark, 75 miles of the Bitterroot, 51 miles of Blackfoot River, plus 41 river miles of Rock Creek.

With so many rivers covered in this map there are numerous access options with varying types of layout. On the Clark River alone there is a vast variety in the river’s width, depth, and neighboring land characteristics throughout its long journey. The section south of Missoula flows through mountainous terrain. You will find forests growing on the sides and tops of mountains, as well as growing right on the river's edge.

With the intersections of the Rock Creek and Blackfoot River, the water temperatures run cooler. This is prime water conditions for rainbow and brown trout, as well as cutthroats.