Hixon Forest Summer Trails La Crosse, Wisconsin Digital Mobile Map


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Hixon Forest is 850 acres of forested land with 34 miles of trails. The recreational area is split into two main sections: Upper Hixon, which has 9 miles of biking trails, a pump track and a 10 acre planted prairie; and Lower Hixon, which has 3.5 miles of shared use (hike/bike) trails and 11 miles of looping (hike only) trails.

In 2016 and 2017, the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department contracted the construction of an additional two miles of trail connecting Rim Of The City Road to Upper Hixon Forest. Now, bikers can ride a four mile path from the Myrick Park Center to Upper Hixon Forest. In addition, students and families can hike a relatively flat one-mile Birch Loop that will bring them to two overlooks and several magnificent trees.

The first trail was constructed entirely by volunteers in 1976. Today, the La Crosse Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department continue to have wonderful community members influencing, constructing, grooming, and maintaining the trails. The Outdoor Recreation Alliance and their many committed members deserve a special thank you for their years of involvement in our trail system.

The forest quality, prairie establishment, and oak regeneration can be attributed to the many committed years of work by The Friends of the Blufflands. Without their members and partners, we would have lost Miller, Lookout and Zoerb Prairies, which are globally rare ecosystems. The Parks, Recreation, and Forestry department is committed to continuing and enhancing their restoration efforts by clearing and managing the eight total bluff prairies within the coulee of Hixon Forest.