Montana GPS Mobile Hunting Maps -
Montana GPS Mobile Hunting Maps -

Montana GPS Mobile Hunting Maps

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Avenza Maps App

Avenza Maps App

Locate yourself on any map, even while offline.  The Avenza Maps® app uses your device's built-in GPS to display your exact location on any georeferenced map, even when you’re out of network range or without an internet connection. The Blue GPS Dot follows you wherever you go, keeping you on the trail while staying safe.

Stay location-aware by knowing your exact coordinates at any time. Accurately locate yourself and other points of interest on detailed maps, and easily share that information with family or friends in case of emergency. Search for specific coordinates on any map and switch between coordinate formats.

Drop a placemark on the map at locations you've visited or want to visit. Mark the location of objects, hazards, or anything else that you want to remember. Edit the colour of your placemarks and label them for easy reading.

Captured a photo of something interesting and want to plot it on your map? Just add the geotagged photo, and a placemark will drop in the correct location on your map. 

Don't waste your valuable hunting time searching for public lands when you can have it right at your fingertips. 

These maps are downloaded and used in the Avenza Map App.

NEVER GET LOST! Our highly detailed mobile hunting maps are what you need to have a successful hunt.

Click here to view all Montana hunt maps 

This mobile map will be downloaded and used in the Avenza Map App. No physical product will be shipped.

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Most informative and detailed map you will ever use

You'll have everything you need to make the most of your outdoor adventure, including all Federal, State, City and County Public Lands - plus parking locations found on no other maps!

Also includes trails, campgrounds, picnic areas and points of interest.

Fishing Maps include insect hatch charts, and if applicable to the river, boat launches, rapid locations and float charts.

Avenza Map App

Mobile Map works in the Avenza Map App without cell service or internet. NEVER GET LOST!

Drop pins to mark trail junctions, trailheads, campsites, fishing holes and more.
Take photos and tag to a saved pin location.
Text your location to friends or family

No Cell Service, No Internet, No Problem

The mobile map uses the internal GPS on your mobile device to track your location in real time.

Tips: Use your mobile phone in airplane mode, Turn off unneccasry apps. Carry a battery charger, preferably solar.

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