Owens Gorge - Middle/Lower Owens River, California Digital Mobile Map


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This map covers the Owens River from the north at Lake Crowley to the south through the town of Bishop.  Included in between is Owens Gorge and Pleasant Valley Reservoir. Also included is the Lower Rock Creek area with its many campgrounds.

It contains all public fishing access area, campgrounds, boat put in locations, and parking areas. Also included are insect hatch chart and fishing regulations and BLM Public Land areas. 


The Owens River Gorge
Sometimes called the Middle Owens - runs 20 miles through a canyon between Lake Crowley and Pleasant Valley Lake. It is small tailwater whose flows are relatively constant at 90 cubic feet per second. Access is difficult (the gorge is 300-700 feet deep) and rattlesnakes abound. Trout are smaller than in the Upper Owens, with browns averaging 8 to 10 inches.

Access to the gorge is difficult. Although highway 395, Power Plant Road and Gorge Road parallel the gorge, you'll have to walk down steep paths to approach the river. The only exception is just above Pleasant Valley Reservoir at the power plant. At the upper end of the gorge, you can take Toms Place road across the river and park, but you'll still have to walk a ways.

Lower Owens River
The Lower Owens begins below Pleasant Valley Lake and stretches to Tinemaha Reservoir 25 miles downstream. The river resembles a spring creek as it flows through a valley flanked by high mountains. Because the water is alkaline-rich (like a spring creek), insect life is rich, capable of overloading the angler with hatches. This section includes 3.3 miles of Wild Trout water (mostly browns) not far below Pleasant Valley dam. Below this section warm-water species such as bass become more common though trout fishing still occurs. Flows in this stretch can fluctuate often due to the water needs of Los Angeles.

Access is generally easy and is achieved via turnoffs from 395, which parallels the river. Chalk Bluffs Road provides nice access to the Wild Trout section.