Point Lobos State Natural Preserve California Digital Mobile Map


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Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is the "crown jewel" of California's 280 state parks. Adjoining Point Lobos is one of the richest marine habitats in California. The ocean habitat is protected. The sea near Point Lobos is considered one the best locations for scuba diving on the Monterey Peninsula and along the California coast.

Point Lobos is just south of Carmel-by-the-Sea and at the north end of the Big Sur coast of the Pacific Ocean. Point Lobos features a number of hiking trails, many alongside the ocean, and a smaller number of beaches. The historic Whalers Cabin, built by Chinese fishermen and later used by Japanese and Portuguese fishermen, is now a museum.

Point Lobos nearly became the site of a town. In 1896, the Carmelo Land and Coal Company subdivided the land into 1,000 lots and named the new town "Carmelito". Engineer Alexander Allan purchased the land and over many years bought back the lots that had been sold and erased the subdivision from the county records. As of 2017, more than one million annual visitors from around the world visited Point Lobos, which is restricted by only 150 on-site parking spaces. The majority of visitors must park on the shoulder of Highway 1 and walk into the reserve.