Upper Owens River | Mammoth area, California Digital Mobile Map

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This map covers many popular fishing spots. From the north at June Lakes to Convict Lake at the south end and Devils Postpile to the west to Lake Crowley to the east.  Included in between is Mammoth Lakes, Lake Mary, Hot Creek, McGee Creek, Deadmans Creek, Upper Owens River and Lake Crowley. 

It contains all public fishing access area, campgrounds, boat put in locations, and parking areas. Also included are insect hatch chart and fishing regulations and BLM Public Land areas. It also displays the many hot springs in the area along with access trails.

The skinny:

Upper Owens River the headwaters section is more of freestone stream and is easily accessible from Big Springs Campground. You can fish from Big Springs for a mile downstream where the river tumbles through a small canyon. Below that the Owens flattens out and meanders through Long Valley where it resembles a classic meandering Spring Creek and plenty of public access.

Crowley Lake - The largest brown trout ever caught on this lake weighed 26 pounds. Many anglers use float tubes to fish. Visitors can drive up to the water’s edge. With a shoreline that adds up to 45 miles, fishing, boat rentals, and seasonal watersports including waterskiing and wakeboarding are also popular.

Hot Creek - The water is a blend of melted snow which makes up Mammoth Creek, and water from the geothermal springs. This creates an optimal water chemistry for aquatic insects.

Convict Lake - Thanks to its depth and ability to offer lots of cold, clean water, Convict Lake is known for producing large trout. Its name comes from an incident in1871 when a posse trapped a group of escaped convicts from Carson City. A shootout ensued and two locals, Robert Morrison and Mono Jim, were killed. Most of the inmates were caught. The large peaks above the lake were renamed after the fallen posse members and the lake itself became known as Convict.