Mono Lake Area California Digital Mobile Map


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This map contains public fishing access areas, campgrounds, boat put in locations, parking areas and BLM Public Land areas. Coverage area encompasses Rush Creek, June and Grant Lakes, Lake Lundy and the unique Mono Lake.

The portion of Rush Creek from Grant Lake to Mono Lake is a special-regulation wild-trout water where only artificial flies with single barbless hooks are permitted. The upper section of Rush Creek is a steep gradient stream with classic pocket water. As you head downstream toward Mono Lake the gradient flattens out and the creek is more shallow with undercut banks that can harbor some large wild browns.

Little Virginia, Big Virginia and Trumbull Lakes are stocked weekly with rainbows, and also have brook and brown trout. Moat Lake has brookies and is the only lake in the drainage that has a few remaining golden trout.

The best part about fishing Lundy Lake is the lack of pressure it gets. Most of the south side is easy to reach and cast from. Other popular spots are by the dam at the east end, and by the resort at the west end.