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About Us

Dan is our avid flyfisherman, hiker and hunter extraordinaire. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his experiences and supplies the maps with hands-on information that makes these maps a must-have. Residing in Colorado for most of his life, Dan has climbed many peaks and endured trips where survival tactics were required. Dan knows what useful information the typical outdoorsman wants on a map because he is the true outdoorsman. Dan studied Business and Economics before becoming General Manager of Orvis Fly Fishing Outfitters. Dan developed the Handy Micro Fiber Cloth in 2012. It is currently in 16 of the largest national parks in the country and counting…

Greg Tanaka

Greg is our map guru. He creates our maps and designs them to be intuitive, easy to navigate and beautiful to look at. Previously, he spent several years creating Harley-Davidson’s series of motorcycle ride maps. Some of his earlier works have been inducted in to the Library of Congress. He has earned 4 map awards and 3 design awards for his past works. A lifelong Californian who resides in the SF Bay area, Greg’s passion now is to teach his kids the art of fishing and to appreciate the beautiful outdoors.

Drew Gaskin

Drew is our in Geographical Information Systems wizard. Drew compiles our raw info and exports it as navigatable GPS points. He then embeds this information so your smartphone can read it. As a Reserve in the US Army, Drew has spent several missions in Iraq and Afghanistan gathering intelligence and creating mapping systems for the troops. Drew lives in Wisconsin – via Hawaii, California and Florida. He loves to take his kayak out on the many Wisconsin rivers and explore the vast tributaries.

Bill is an original member of our sales team who has worked in the specialty retail industry as a former Owner/Operator of Fly Fishing Outfitters for more than twenty years.  He is a member of the Freshwater Fisheries Hall of Fame, IGFA World Record Holder, Colorado Master Angler and Orvis Outfitter of the Year twice. A professor of fly fishing for Colorado Mountain College for almost 22 years also a founding board member of the Eagle River Watershed Council. He has specialized in teaching guide training schools and rowing certification programs since the early 90’s and has amassed over 20,000 commercial river miles as a guide and trainer. Bill has spearheaded the use of novel marketing tools like our microfiber Handy Map to help specialty retailers abroad generate more market share and realize more profits.  Bill is our expert in the fishing industry and can help you maximize profits in your retail shop.

Joshua hails from a small town in Wisconsin near the shores of Lake Michigan and recently spent two seasons in Vail, Colorado. He is an enthusiastic idea generator with a love for outdoor photographer and making maps. He has a passion for not only natural geography but the art of geo-visualization and map design. Joshua will fill a dynamic role of map production, photography, and web design. Joshua obtained his BA in Geography at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.


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