Beaverhead River, MT Mobile Map


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This map features 83 river miles of the Beaverhead from its beginning at Clark Canyon Reservoir to Twin Bridges and the confluence of the Big Hole River. This map also contains all public fishing access areas, campgrounds, boat put in locations, parking areas, BLM Public Land areas and public/private property along the river. Also included are insect hatch chart and float charts.

The Beaverhead River produces more large brown trout than any other river in the state of Montana. This river is not limited to browns, as rainbow trout call this home as well.

There are two distinct sections of this river that offer the greatest fishing opportunities. Browns are heavily populated from the Clark Canyon Dam to Barretts Dam section. Barretts Dam to Dillon is a waders paradise since the pressure is significantly less, thereby enabling the angler to go after less finicky trout.