Cache la Poudre Mobile Map


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This map features the St. Vrains Creek, Boulder Creek, Big Tompson River and Cache La Poudre River from its headwaters in the Rockies to US Hwy 287. It contains all public fishing access areas, rapids, rapid classifications, campgrounds, boat put in locations, parking areas and BLM property. Also included are guide services, fly fishing retailer locations, insect hatch chart and fishing regulations.

The Cache la Poudre River is the only river in Colorado designated as a "Wild and Scenic River" by the National Park Service. It also has two sections of the river which have been designated as Wild Trout Waters by the Division of Wildlife.

Fun fact:  According to legend, the river was named in the 1830's, when a group of explorers (possibly en route to the Green) was caught in a heavy snowstorm near the banks of the river. They had to "cache la poudre" or "hide the powder" in order to lighten their load, returning to retrieve the gunpowder in the spring.