Cimarron River New Mexico Digital Mobile Map


This map covers over 25 river miles of the Cimarron River in New Mexico from Eagle Nest Lake to the west down through the town of Cimarron. This map contains all public fishing access areas, campgrounds, boat put in locations, and parking areas. Also included are guide services, fly fishing retailer locations, insect hatch chart and fishing regulations. 


This is a shorter river but packs a lot of scenery into a small area. The river is made up from water that flows from the Eagle Nest Lake dam. The river offers banks, channels, deep pools, and riffles. Be prepared that some areas are very tight and small, so you'll want to adjust your gear and technique accordingly. This river is known to have more than 3,000 trout per mile. This is even more impressive when you think about how tiny the river is. The predominant fish here is brown trout.