North Platte River (Wyoming) Digital GPS Fishing Map


Promo  Included with the purchase of this Paper Map is the digital GPS mobile map worth an additional $4.99.  All mobile maps work in the free Avenza Map App. This map works without the need for cellphone or internet coverage.  Mark your favorite fishing holes, record water clarity, water temperature, insect hatches and more.  Navigate confidently, never get lost!  Spend more time fishing and less time searching for where to fish.

Our North Platte River paper fishing map folds to a convenient 3" x 6" size, perfect for your tackle box or pocket. Unfolded size is 12" x 15" in full color and easy to read. A perfect reference for use when out on the water. 

The North Platte River map includes hatch and float charts, fishing access areas, parking areas, river mile markers, restrooms, picnic areas, campsites, boat launch areas and BLM Lands. Coverage area is roughly 75 river miles from the Seminoe Reservoir travelling north along the flow to Casper. 

The North Platte River is a blue ribbon trout stream and has been dammed several times to form several reservoirs along its course. The Seminoe Reservoir, formed by Seminoe Dam, the Kortes Reservoir and still further downstream is the Pathfinder Reservoir. Northeast of the Pathfinder Reservoir the river passes through the Alcova and Gray Reef Reservoirs before it hits Casper.