San Miguel River GPS Microfiber Cloth Bandana Map - Free Mobile Map -
San Miguel River GPS Microfiber Cloth Bandana Map - Free Mobile Map -
San Miguel River GPS Microfiber Cloth Bandana Map - Free Mobile Map -

San Miguel River Microfiber Cloth Bandana Map - Personalize

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Original Handy Map handcrafted from our X Fiber Microfiber, a fabric unlike any other.  Super soft to the touch, yet tough enough to clean literally anything without leaving a scratch.  

Does not wrinkle, fade or crack and it's waterproof.  

  • It's a one of a kind, multifaceted microfiber cleaning cloth
  • It's an ultra soft and comfortable microfiber bandana
  • It's a headband and scarf
  • It's a superb cooling towel
  • It's a lens cloth
  • It will never leave a scratch
  • Cleans literally anything wet or dry!
  • 22x22" Square with spectacular Dye Sublimation Printing

Stuff in a vest or coat pocket.  Tie it around a belt loop.  Wear it around your neck.


Click the Create my Microfiber Cloth Button to personalize your cloth.  You can upload one of your photos to create your backside and add text and inscriptions.

Creating your own backside makes for a fabulous one of a kind souvenir and gift item that will last a lifetime!

Handy Map Microfiber Cloths and X Guard Neck Gaiters are made to order. Please allow 5-8 business days for manufacturing before they ship.

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World's Finest Microfiber Cloth

Carry your Handy Map with you in the car, at work or at play.

Cleans sunglasses, eyeglasses, ski goggles, cell phone screens, tablet screens, computer screens, binocular lenses, camera lenses and any other delicate surface. Will never leave a scratch!

X Fiber - A Microfiber unlike any other

Made from our X Fiber, a microfiber 1/100th the diameter of a human hair.  Picks up dust and dirt like a magnat.

But, our Handy Map is not just a cleaning cloth.  It's a phenomenal bandana, scarf and headband.  Soak your Handy Map in cold water, tie it around your head or neck and it will keep you cool for hours.

Never get Lost!

Free mobile map comes with every map purchase. Mobile maps work in the Avenza Map App, without cell service or internet. Track yourself in real time. Hike, Bike, Fish, Hunt and Paddle with confidence.