Vail Valley, Colorado Hiking - Biking Trails & Fishing Map
Vail Valley, Colorado Hiking - Biking Trails & Fishing Map
Vail Valley, Colorado Hiking - Biking Trails & Fishing Map

Vail Valley, Colorado Hiking - Biking Trails & Fishing Map

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Explore Vail Valley Like Never Before: Your Ultimate Outdoor Map

Embark on an extraordinary adventure in Vail, Colorado, with the Vail Valley, Colorado Hiking - Biking Trails and Fishing Map. This essential guide is your passport to exploring the vast beauty of Vail Valley, from the breathtaking heights of Vail Pass to the rugged wilderness of the Holy Cross Wilderness, the serene shores of Piney Lake, and the expansive reaches of Dotsero. Designed for adventurers, explorers, and nature lovers, this map is the key to unlocking the best outdoor experiences Vail Valley has to offer.

Dual-Format Design: Comprehensive Coverage

Our innovative map features a large 36x24" paper map that folds down to a convenient 4x8", coupled with a free GPS accurate mobile map—an additional value of $4.99, at no extra cost. Whether you're planning your adventure from home or navigating the trails, this two-in-one solution ensures you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Adventure with Confidence

Venture into the Colorado backcountry with the assurance that you'll never lose your way, as long as your mobile device is powered. Climb the majestic Mount of the Holy Cross, one of Colorado's renowned Fourteen Thousand Foot Peaks, with the confidence of a seasoned explorer.

Map Highlights Include:

  • Extensive Trail Coverage: Discover every hiking and biking trail in the Vail Valley, making it easy to plan your journey and find new adventures.
  • Points of Interest: Explore all the must-see landmarks and hidden gems throughout the region.
  • Safety Tips: Navigate the backcountry safely with essential hiking and safety tips.
  • Outdoor Amenities: Locate campgrounds, picnic areas, and roadside pullouts for convenient stops and overnight stays.
  • Fishing Paradise: Access all fishable waters, including public fishing access on the Eagle River, Gore Creek, and Homestake Creek, for an unbeatable fishing experience.

Pro Navigation with the Avenza Map App

Become an instant pro with the mobile map in the Avenza Map App, even without WiFi or cell service. A blue GPS dot marks your location in real-time, enabling you to navigate with ease. Drop pins, add descriptions, take photos, and more—all with one comprehensive mobile map designed for simplicity and clarity.

Mobile Map Tips for the Savvy Explorer

Maximize your adventure and conserve power by turning off unnecessary apps, carrying a portable charger for peace of mind, and using your mobile device in airplane mode.

Your Key to the Ultimate Vail Valley Adventure

With the Vail Valley, Colorado Hiking - Biking Trails and Fishing Map, you're not just prepared for an adventure—you're equipped to dive into the heart of Vail Valley's unparalleled outdoor experiences. Whether you're tracing the trails, scaling peaks, or casting lines, this map is your guide to becoming an instant expert on the best outdoor activities in Colorado.

Prepare to explore, discover, and conquer the great outdoors of Vail Valley. Your adventure starts now.