Yellowstone National Park Hiking Trails Map by -
Yellowstone National Park Hiking Trails Map by -

Yellowstone National Park Hiking Trails Map

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Our Yellowstone National Park Hiking Trails Map is two (2) maps in one, a 36x24" unfolded, 4x8" paper map which includes a free GPS accurate mobile map.

The mobile map works in the Avenza Map App without cell service or wifi-internet connection. 

Once a map is downloaded and in the maps extent, a Blue GPS dot will mark your location in real time.  Follow the dot to your desired destination.


  • This map includes every hiking trail in the park
  • Detailed listing of all hiking trails by difficulty level, (Green-Easy), (Blue-Intermediate), Black (Advanced)
  • Hiking trails needed to access remote fishing locations
  • Park regulations
  • Includes all points of interest, every backcountry campsite location, hiking and park information, safety tips and bear safety tips
  • We create all our maps with you, the end user in mind
  • We keep it simple
  • We make our maps clear and easy to read
  • We include the information that you want and need to enjoy your trip

Our National Park maps are identical to the National Park Service maps but with much more detail.

  • Drop pins to mark your favorite locations, waypoints, streams, waterholes, meadows, campsite, vehicle location, trail intersections, and more....
  • Add descriptions to pins
  • Take photo(s) and add to a pin for visual reference.
  • Record GPS tracks and more................

Tips:  Use your phone in airplane mode and turn off all uneccessary apps to conserve power.  Do not record GPS tracks.  Simply drop waypoints if hiking, and navigate on your return from waypoint to waypoint.  Carry a portable phone charger.